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    Alice Packs Full and Alice Pack Items
    (2 subcategories)
    Bags, Duffle, Tools, GI, Police, European etc.
    (6 subcategories)
    Boots and Shoes
    (6 subcategories)
    Camouflage Netting


Genuine G.I. Camouflage Netting
    Camping Gear
    (6 subcategories)
    (13 subcategories)
    (1 subcategory)
    G.I. Dog Tags/Name Tapes, Leather Flight Badges
    (3 subcategories)
    (1 subcategory)
    Packs Backpacks Military
    (1 subcategory)
    Survival Items


Knife, Military Stainless Steel Fighting


Knife, Military Pilot Survival
    True Surplus Items
    (9 subcategories)